About Me

My goof balls with those plastic containers you get when
buying toys from a gumball machine.
What about me?       

Well, lets see...

As most know, I'm a mama to a CFer (Andrea Fey) and that has defined me quite some bit. But I'm also a mama to a wonderful boy (David William) who knows how to make his mama laugh, despite how angry I can get when he's a tad naughty.

I live in Des Moines, Iowa but I am not a native to Iowa. I was actually born in Tacoma, Washington at an Army hospital. At 6 months of age my folks moved to San Francisco, California. My sister, Patty, was born there. We lived in the city until I was 9 then moved about an hour south of there to a town called San Carlos. At 15 I left Cali and moved to Lima, Peru - South America and stayed for 4 years. My parents had divorced shortly after they moved to San Carlos. Both my parents are Peruvian, and my dad had moved back to Peru with his second wife and my half brother, Andy.

I graduated high school in a town called Chaclacayo, that was about an hour away from Lima. I have found memories of my years in Peru, but the deal my parents made was that my sister and I would always go back to the States to go to college. Who would've ever guessed that my mom's job would transfer to Iowa during the time I was in Peru. And that is how I ended up in Des Moines.

I hated Des Moines. It was 1986 and it just plain sucked! But, soon after starting college — at Grand View — I made friends, started dating and eventually married my husband, Jeff. Needless to say, Iowa wasn't so bad after all.

I married Jeff in 1992 and four years later we had Andrea. It wasn't until 4-1/2 years after she was born, and 6-months after David was born that we learned about her having cystic fibrosis. The news hit us hard, especially since we were just starting to get used to the fact that David was born with hearing-loss and we were adjusting to the needs and demands of a baby who was hard-of-hearing (HOH). That was 2001 and that year seems a blur to me now.

Fast forward 10 years — 2011 — Andrea is 14, soon to be 15 and David will soon be 11. With the help and support of people who love us we have been able to meet the demands of raising children with special needs. Without out family and friends, we would have never been able to get through the hardships that have come our way.

So, that's a quick synopsis of my life. And now, here I am trying to blog...I hope I don't bore my followers.

Welcome to the life of Susie Rider and family!