Andrea's angels

Thumbs up at the one mile mark at last years walk. 2010
That's our Great Strides team name, Andrea's angels. I thought it up for a couple of reasons: 

1. Andrea is my earth angel
2. Everyone who supports us with thier love, donating, volunteering, etc, is an angel to us

Andrea was diagnosed on January 31st of 2001 and within a couple of weeks Andrea's angels was formed. Despite the angony I was feeling with the news of CF in our lives, I had to do something and that something was fundraise for the CFF.

That first year, I mailed my first campaign letter to family and friends and by May (3 months later) we had over $5,000 in donations. See what I mean about our family and friends being angels?!

Each year that followed the amount we raised grew. Then in 2006 I was challenged to raise $20,000 and of course we couldn't do it. We actually raised $22,000! For three years in a row we raised just over $20,000 and as great as that left me exhausted, drained and anxious.

So, in 2009 I made the decision that we would take 2010 off from fundraising. This was not what our new CF Director wanted to hear, but I told her "if I don't take a break now, I may have to be done for good." I was just overwhelmed by it.

And so 2010 came and went and now Andrea's angels is back in full force for 2011. My letter was mailed out on Andrea's 10 year anniversary of learning she had CF and in less then 4 months we're close to raising $10,000. Our goal is to raise $20,000 this year, but if we don't I'll be happy with what we do raise because every penny counts when it comes to raising funds to find a cure for CF!