Friday, April 20, 2012


Why did I eat the third slice of pizza? UGH, I didn't get my workout in today! I shouldn't have bought that awesome leather handbag. Going out to eat 3 times in one week, what were we thinking? The list goes on...and each one of these things leaves a feeling of guilt.

But what about the CF guilt? Sadly those are many as well.

This is the time of year I struggle with a lot of guilt. It's Great Strides fundraising time and I set our team's goal high...trying to reach $20,000 by walk day - May 19th, 2012. In order to make that goal I have to work hard and I have to ask for a lot of help. There is were the guilt sets in.

  • Asking family and friends to donate - GUILT
  • Requesting people to give up their precious time to help me/Andrea - GUILT
  • Working late hours and not getting enough sleep because I had to get my fundraising letter to the printer - GUILT
  • Missing out on time with the kids because there's a CF event to attend - GUILT
  • the list goes on and on and on and the feeling sets in - GUILT, GUILT, GUILT

HOWEVER...the guilt I feel isn't strong enough to keep me from raising funds for the CFF. I won't allow it to stop me from helping my daughter live a long and healthy life. Quite honestly, I'm always baffled at CF families that do absolutely nothing in regards to fundraising. I respect their choice, I just don't understand it. CFers are living longer, stronger lives because of the CFF. Since Andrea's diagnosis, life expectancy has risen 11 years. Of course it's not solely because of the CFF but a lot of it is because of them. So I feel I owe it to give back to the foundation that has helped give my child more years of life.

I also know that the feeling of love, generosity and willingness to help from those that do, over powers the feeling of guilt. I know that people help because they WANT to and the feeling I get from that help puts the feeling of guilt at bay.

And so, we're a month a way from walk day and just over $10k shy of reaching the $20k look out world...the guilt has been pushed aside and I'm coming full-force; ready to continue kicking some CF bootie and helping my baby girl out-live her mama!


  1. I hope to be able to get you closer to your $20K....(I know about guilt...I was born catholic..LOL.)

  2. Hee hee...same here Rowe! And with your determination I know you'll help lots towards helping meet that goal!