Thursday, January 17, 2013

A little obsession isn't that bad.

"Just like this little guy in this big world; life can be challenging. I dream of my college education helping me find a suitable position to give back to society, to express my ideas and to help make life easier for others and myself." ~Andrea

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, or have “Liked” my Facebook page--Andrea’s angels – Fighting for a CF Cure--then you know how hard Andrea and I are working at a photo competition she entered. The top 5 entries with the most “Likes” will move on to the next level to then be chosen to win one of three scholarships. First place receives $1,000, second place $500 and 3rd place $250.

So we’ve been busy trying to garner as many votes as we can. As of today she is in 5th place! She’s about 80 votes away from 4th, 280 votes away from 3rd, 440 votes away from 2nd and 630+ votes away from 1st. Yes, I’ve been keeping track, because I’ve become obsessed with her winning one of the prizes.

Why do I get so obsessed? Well the obvious reason is it’s my kid we’re talking about here. As a parent we want our kids to succeed in all that they do, but there’s more to it…

  1. Andrea really has taken the best photo. Sure I sound prejudice since I’m ‘mom’, but I really believe her photo is the best one.
  2. She took the initiative to enter this contest. It was brought to the attention of several of her peers from the Science Bound program she is in and she is the only one who has entered the contest so far.
  3. Andrea understands all about the expense of going to college. She has it in her to want to pay her own way. I love that about her!
  4. Although we’re not focusing on this, the reality is college may take her longer to finish because of her CF, so getting all the financial assistance possible will help pay for an extra year or two of college.
If you have a couple of minutes out of your day to spare, I’d love for you to go vote for her photo entry. You must be on Facebook for this to work. Here are the details:
  • Click on this link:
  • "Like" the New Futuro page
  • Accept the Offerpop App (this is done only the first time you go to vote. They will not solicit or post on your wall)
  • Vote for Andrea's photo, once every 24 hours until 11:59 p.m. January 31st
  • Share and help spread the word

Getting to the 5th spot it great, but it's going to take many more votes on a daily basis to keep her there. Please consider helping out.

If Andrea wins, we will have one very happy and giddy young lady on your hands!!!

Thank you so much! 

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