Monday, December 31, 2012

LOVE is life's caulking!

Another year has come and gone and with it many wonderful times that I'd repeat in an instant and horrible times that I hope never rear it's ugly face again.

I was thinking about this past year and how much my heart has handled. There have been some pretty sad moments in 2012 that completely shook me to my core and broke my heart. Yet here I am loving life and ready to take on 2013 with whatever it brings my way, but how? LOVE is the answer.

Love is what has held/healed my heart time and time again. Fortunately I have had more moments of love/happiness/joy/laughter to help caulk each tear/break/crack/rupture sadness has brought to my heart. I really relish those great times. They are what keep me going…be it time with friends and family, reading a funny article, watching a comedy, keeping up with loving posts from my world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am surrounded by people who love life and have such positive outlooks on life. Even when hard times hit, these friends/family don't let it bring them down. They are truly thankful for what they have and for what they don't have in life.

In regards to CF being in our life, all that I stated above is what helps me deal with this disease that's in my child's body. It's what helps me teach her to stay strong and find the greatness in life. Yes, CF causes some pretty awful cracks in my heart…every time I learn of a CF related death, CRACK! Read about a parent missing their child, or a child missing their parent because CF took them away, CRACK! When CFers abuse their bodies and don't take care of themselves, CRACK! Or worse, a parent neglects the care of their CF child or smokes around them, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!!! Thank goodness for: moments of CFers staying strong, exercising despite feeling ill, recovering from a lung transplant and running a 5K, traveling to CF education days and allowing us into their world, starting up Podcasts, amusing us with a puppet, putting on runs/walks for us to partake in, the list goes on and on. So much greatness and love...caulking every crack in my heart! Life is great, isn't it?

Sadly I know a few folks that allow that ugliness of life to take over their world. I feel for them and want to help, but I know all to well that they will only get better when they learn to help themselves. Believe it or not, I have strongly suggested to a couple of friends that they return to their faith in God or not allow themselves to stray from it. For those who know me well, my faith strictly relies on humankind, on life, on the good this world offers us; but just because I don't have a deist faith, doesn't mean I don't know how important that is to many of my friends. That itself is the caulking in their life and if it helps them then it's what makes it right. If only those few Debbie Downers could feel it and help them maintain a positive outlook on life…how wonderful that would be.

LOVE is the caulking in my life. I surround myself from those that have abundance of it and I sure hope I'm giving it back.

Here's to a great 2013 my friends and family. Enjoy what you have, be thankful for what you don't and don't stop loving…we have many hearts that need caulking, let's be there for one another!

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